For small and large alike

Stockhausen Technologies offers functional solutions tailored to the size of the company, your needs and the existing IT or telecommunications structure:nologies funktionale Lösungen:

For local and small applications

With the Stockhausen Technologies solution for local applications, there is no need to set up a separate DECT or WLAN infrastructure. Instead, you use the existing fixed line telephone with integrated antenna and simply make phone calls with your additional mobile phone. This solution is mainly suitable for small businesses where mobility within premises is required at moderate costs.

Internal solution for mobile telephony

The IP DECT solution of Stockhausen Technologies offers outstanding stability and user-friendliness. The system is a reasonable and economical application, especially for large and medium-sized companies. The IP DECT network is set up in parallel with the existing fixed network.

Mobility for IT and telecommunications

If you need a mobile solution for your IT and telecommunications, Stockhausen Technologies offers you secure WLAN systems. This means that the staff in your company are no longer tied to fixed locations or network access points. Moreover, it is often more practical to integrate telephony directly if you already have an existing WLAN infrastructure. This way, you can also economically map your mobile solution via your WLAN with Stockhausen Technologies.

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